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Goreshter was born and reared in the California city of Long Beach, where she began her professional performing career at the age of three. She studied classical ballet as a young girl. As a child, Goreshter participated in gymnastics competitions. In 1992, she won first place in beam, second place in vault and floor, and third place overall in her age group at the California State Cup Championships in Sacramento. In 1992, she finished second overall in her age category at the Central Pacific Championships, which she had already won the year before.

Goreshter was the first member of her family to be born in the United States, and she was the first to speak English. Originally from the former Soviet Union, Goreshter’s family has settled in the United States. Goreshter’s paternal grandparents come from the Moldovan town of Orhei. Goreshter studied acting at the Stella Adler Conservatory of Performing Arts in New York City. Among the theatre productions in which she appeared were Beirut, The Smell of the Kill, Waiting for Lefty, Laundry and Bourbon, and Waiting for Godot, among many others.

She has degrees in both theatre and art history under her belt. Isidora Goreshter is an American actress best known for her role as ‘Svetlana’ in the television series ‘Shameless.’ She was born in New York City and raised in Los Angeles. Her ancestors were from the former Soviet Union and had immigrated to the United States. Her mother was the first member of her family to be born in the United States. She began acting at a young age and has continued to this day. It was when she was three years old that she first began performing on stage. She studied acting and went on to receive bachelor’s degrees in theatre and art history from prestigious universities.

Goreshter was a gymnast when he was younger, and he competed and won medals in gymnastic events at the state level. She is also a ballet dancer who has had formal training. She began her acting career by appearing in a number of prominent theatre shows, including a number of ‘Broadway’ plays. She has appeared in films such as ‘Paranoia’ and television shows such as ‘Two Broke Girls,’ among others. In addition to having one of the longest runs on television, her character ‘Svetlana’ has become one of her most well-known on-screen personalities. She also goes by the name of “Isidora Gray” when she is not working.

The call came while Goreshter was in the middle of a workshop at the ‘Anthony Meindl Studio,’ where she was preparing for a role in the third season of the television series ‘Shameless.’ According to the brief, she would be required to portray a Russian prostitute in the film. The character necessitated complete nuance, and it was possible that it would be reprised. The actress made the decision to take a chance and showed up to the audition in jeans and a T-shirt. Her surprise when she arrived at the audition was to find a roomful of eager performers waiting for their turn, all dressed as “Hollywood hookers.”


During the audition, she was required to pretend to massage a chair, which she did successfully. She considered it to be the worst audition of her life, and she was startled to learn that she had been cast in the role. In 2016, she was promoted to the position of series regular. She left the show in 2018, after six seasons in which she had appeared. Svetlana, the role she played, became enormously popular. ‘Clara’s Ghost,’ “Happy Anniversary,” and other films have been released since she first debuted on the screen in 2018. She had a leading role in the film ‘The Petal Pushers,’ in which she played a flower pusher. The upcoming film ‘The Five Rules of Success’ will feature her as one of the main characters. She continues to teach and train aspiring actors at the ‘Anthony Meindl Studio,’ where she has been since 1989.

Her mother gave her the name Izzy in honor of her maternal grandfather, who had gone away soon before her parents emigrated to the United States. It was soon before communism fell that her parents were able to flee to the United States with almost nothing from the Soviet Union. In their new nation, they learned the language, found work, and worked tremendously hard to raise their family of two children: Goreshter and her older brother, Eugene, who was born in the United States.

Goreshter’s mother was a musician, and he inherited this talent. Her father had taught himself computer programming and had worked his way up the ranks to become a manager at one of the most prestigious computer programming companies in Southern California. Goreshter was inspired by her parents’ struggle to build a life for themselves in a new nation, and she went on to achieve success in anything she set her sights on. One of her lesser-known legends is that she was so brilliant at gymnastics that, while on vacation with her parents in Mexico, she was recruited by a local circus to perform for them for the duration of her stay.

Goreshter has kept her personal life a closely guarded secret for the most part. No information has been released about her husband or her previous boyfriends, including their last names. It is known, however, that she is married and that she has a son. Goreshter has a massive global fan following on social media platforms such as ‘Instagram’ and ‘Twitter.’ Goreshter studied acting at the ‘Stella Adler Acting Conservatory,’ where she polished her craft. One of the most memorable learning experiences of her life, she considers her time at the conservatory to be one of her best. She believes that, despite the fact that her acting method has improved since then, the knowledge she has received about theatre and its history as a result of her time there is insurmountable.

Goreshter appeared in a number of short films, television movies, and student films before landing her first television series, ‘Two Broke Girls,’ which premiered in 2012. In the same year, she had an appearance on the television series ‘Ben and Kate.’ Her work as an assistant director for the short film ‘Monroe and Mr. Wolf’ was particularly noteworthy (2013).

Her first major film part was in the 2013 thriller Paranoia,’ which marked her professional debut. Harrison Ford, Gary Oldman, and Liam Hemsworth were among the stars of the film, which also included an amazing ensemble cast. However, the picture did not fare well at the box office in spite of this. A cameo appearance as the prostitute Svetlana was Goreshter’s role in the television series Shameless in 2013.

Goreshter was originally intended to be a one-season character, but he became a series regular in 2016. After season 8, she decided to leave. Despite the fact that Shameless lost yet another series regular at the conclusion of season eight, the door is still open for her to return in the future.

With the assistance of Kevin (Steve Howey) and V (Vince Vaughn), the character was last seen pretending to be an old Russian nemesis of hers and assuming her identity in order to marry a wealthy and senile guy (Shanola Hampton). While the ceremony was taking place, Kevin discovers that the old guy had a prenuptial agreement made up between himself and the Russian, which will cause issues for Svetlana’s fictitious marriage. Goreshter, who will not be returning for season nine, indicated in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that she was unsure how the season finale will conclude her character’s story.

“You know what’s funny? I have absolutely no idea what occurred in the season finale,” Goreshter admitted to Entertainment Weekly. I’m not sure what they have planned for me this time.” During the conversation, Goreshter confessed that she wanted her heroine, Svetlana, to die in a dramatic manner since it would be the ideal conclusion for her story. Showrunner John Wells, on the other hand, wanted to leave the door open for the potential of her return. “I really wanted to have this terrible death scene, and I just thought it would be natural for Svetlana to have one like this. But John Wells was adamant: “No, no, no, no, no!” “We want to leave the door open because you never know what might happen.” “You never know what might happen.”

Okay, that’s understandable. I really wanted to be tossed into the river or anything like that. It looks like that will have to wait — but we’ll see what happens “Goreshter has been added. The announcement of Goreshter’s departure from the series comes just a few days after it was revealed that Emmy Rossum, the series’ star, will be leaving the show at the conclusion of the forthcoming ninth season. In a statement released at the time, Wells said, “It is always painful when an ensemble member decides to move out of the proverbial house, but our door will always be open for Fiona to return home for a visit, or to move back in.”

“I’m looking forward to continuing the story of this crazily unpredictable family, and Emmy and her amazing Fiona will be missed by all of us on Shameless,” says the actress. Goreshter went on to play the lead role in the motion picture The Petal Pushers and had a prominent role in the film Happy Anniversary, in which she co-starred with Noel Wells and Joe Pantoliano. Starting with the 2007 musical Hairspray and all nine seasons of Seinfeld, the month of October will be filled with new Netflix releases. These will be followed later in the month by Sexy Beasts Season 2 and You Season 3, which will be released in November.

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  • Birth Sign: Scorpio
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  • Birth Place/City: Long Beach, California, United States
  • Profession: Actress

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