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Aaron Carter Phone Number, Email, Fan Mail, Address, Biography, Agent, Manager, Mailing address, Contact Info

Aaron Carter Mailing Address, Email, Fan Mail, House Address, Contact Number, Agent, Manager, Mailing address, Contact Info

Aaron Charles Carter’s parents, Jane Elizabeth (Spaulding) and Robert Gene Carter, welcomed him into the world on December 7, 1987, in Tampa, Florida. In addition to being the younger brother of Nick Carter (of the Backstreet Boys), he also has three sisters.

He began his musical career at the age of seven, performing as the lead singer for the band “Dead End” for a period of two years. When he was nine years old, he had his first solo appearance, opening for the Backstreet Boys in Berlin, Germany, in March 1997. An offer for a recording contract followed the performance, and in the fall of 1997, he released his first song, “Crush On You,” to critical acclaim.

Aaron Carter’s debut studio album, “Aaron Carter,” was released on December 1, 1997. Norway, Spain, Denmark, Canada, and Germany all awarded it the highest possible rating: gold. The album was released in the United States on June 16, 1998, and was produced by David Bowie. Carter and other musicians contributed vocals to the EP “Let The Music Heal Your Soul,” which was published on May 18, 1998, as a fundraising endeavor. Carter, the Backstreet Boys, N Sync, the Moffatts, and other artists contributed vocals. Aaron’s Party (published on September 26, 2000) was his next studio album, which was released in the United States on the Jive label. Platinum certification for the album was achieved.

Carter recorded his first duet with his brother Nick for the album “Oh, Aaron” (released on August 7, 2001) when he was thirteen years old. The release of “Oh, Aaron” was supported by the release of a video/DVD of the same name (on March 26, 2002), which featured footage from his 2001 concert in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, as well as music videos and interviews with the artist himself. In conjunction with the album’s release, Play Along Toys also produced an Aaron Carter action figure.

In 2002, Carter embarked on his “Rock, Rap, and Retro” tour, which culminated in the release of his third studio album “Another Earthquake” (September 3, 2002). Songs such as “America A O” and “Do You Remember,” both with patriotic overtones, were on the CD. Released on November 3, 2003, the compilation album Most Requested Hits was a huge success. Tracks from his previous three studio albums were included in the collection, as well as a brand new song, “One Better.”

Additionally, Carter is a performer. Lizzie McGuire (2001), Sabrina the Teenage Witch (1996), and 7th Heaven (2001) are some of his television credits (1996). Popstar was his first major motion picture role (2005).

Family: Angel Carter (his twin sister), Bobbie Jean Carter, Leslie Carter, and Nick Carter are all members of the Carter family. Also from his father’s first marriage, he has an elder half-sister named Ginger, a younger half-brother named Kaden, and a younger stepsister named Taelyn, both from his father’s second marriage. Angel Carter, his fraternal twin sister, and he were born exactly one minute apart on the same day in the same hospital.


Aaron’s 2001 tour, Leslie Carter, Aaron’s older sister, had a successful singing career of her own and performed as an opening act. At the age of eight, I obtained my scuba diving certification. Bruce Springsteen has a huge influence on him. In a Florida swamp, he once became submerged to his waist in quicksand. Family members intervened and saved him.

Drums, piano, guitar, and saxophone are some of the instruments he can perform with. Robert Carter and Jean Spaulding raised him as their son. He has ancestors who are of English, German, Scottish, Welsh, Irish, and Ulster-Scots descent, amongst other things.

On September 18, 2006, I became engaged to Kari Ann Peniche. Withdrew from the engagement after only six days on the grounds that he was not ready for marriage. On February 21, 2008, in the vicinity of Junction, TX, I was arrested on suspicion of marijuana possession. The Florida native grew up in Ruskin, a town southeast of Tampa, where he attended Ruskin Elementary School.

After a suspected drug overdose, Sister Leslie Carter passed dead in January 2012. A surfboard ended up hitting him in the chest during the filming of House of Carters (2006), resulting in bruises. Worldwide, he is reported to have sold 14 million albums.

According to current estimates for June 2020. The announcement comes two months after Carter and model Melanie Martin briefly parted ways. A debt of $3.5 million was cited as the reason for his filing for bankruptcy in Florida in 2013. His entire assets were indicated as $8,232.16 in the application.

Although being a celebrity has its advantages, it also has its disadvantages, as some people are jealous, some people do not believe you are fit for the job, and some people simply wish they could be doing what you are doing instead of being a celebrity. Music is something that always boosts my spirits and makes me happy, and when I compose music, I always hope that it has the same effect on whoever listens to it as well.

When it comes down to it, I can find both men and women beautiful, but I believe the statement was a little misinterpreted in this instance. With a wife and children in mind, this is how I envision myself. Having a family is something I’d like to do.

Whatever the future holds, whether it’s a romantic engagement with a man or not, I have no objections to it whatsoever. All I can say is that I’m still a little perplexed about it… about bisexuality. You know, I’m still getting used to the idea of being bisexual, which is exciting.

It was through a street drug dealer that I got my first dose of Xanax, and I had no idea what I was getting myself into that time. The purpose of it was completely unknown to me. Is it possible that I was on Oxycodone? And I was right to do so! Xanax, did I take it? And I was right to do so! My inability to claim that I haven’t participated in Russian roulette stems from the fact that I have. It can also be fatal.

In the last 15 years of my life, I’ve spent most of my time in therapy for abuse and rape. I’ve tried many various treatments and have now discovered the one that works for me. Although I’ve had my ups and downs over the years, I’m still working on improving my mental health and want to be off medication soon. Honestly, I don’t want to talk about my family anymore; it’s just not something that I want to bring up because I feel like it’s all a set-up from left to right, and I’d rather avoid it if at all possible.

Several of you have expressed concern about my well-being during the past few weeks, and I appreciate your consideration. One should never take for granted the fact that they are surrounded by individuals who actually care about them. My quest for unconditional love and my desire for true stability in my family have been ongoing since I can remember. This group of folks has provided me with validation throughout my adult life.

When I continued coming up short on something that doesn’t cost anything, I began to develop a sour attitude toward myself. LOVE. Nothing else matters to me except for love. Recently occurred events do not reflect my genuine desires or requirements. I’ve been putting out fires with more fire, which is something I still need to improve at doing.

Although some people have scoffed and mocked, many more have expressed genuine support for what I’ve been brave enough to say. Please know that I am OK. I’m simply making the decision to no longer allow fear to rule my thoughts and actions. I have no apprehensions about what happened in my life. Honestly, I have no apprehension about facing reality. Only God is my source of terror.

To pick up my mother and her belongings, I’m traveling to Florida. Her relapse occurred just as I was about to write her off. To retrieve her belongings and transfer her out with me so that she may return to treatment, I’m driving my pickup truck. No one will ever be able to pull my mother apart because I love her so much. I believe they are aiming their guns at my mother.

Leslie, my sister, suffered from bipolar disorder and was prescribed lithium to alleviate her symptoms. The way it made her feel wasn’t good for her, and when she was taken off of it, I genuinely believe it caused her to do things she never intended to do. In those days, I was ten years old…

Isn’t it strange that if my own blood actually cared about my well-being, he would call me and have a chat with me rather than making this about him in a highly public forum? Using me for his PR and then kicking me while I’m down is not cool at all! In spite of everything, I have a deep affection for my family.

Nobody has ever made me feel bad about myself, let alone think about hurting or killing someone. It was upsetting for me to read those things because if these people truly knew who I was, they would never have used that as a means of exerting control over me. However, knowing how my innocent nieces and nephews will be affected by the decisions made by the adults in their lives is actually more painful. In light of this, I respectfully request that everyone kindly respect my privacy and allow the legal system to do its job.

Me, my family I, and I are the most talked-about people on the planet. In terms of musical ability, no one can compare to me. The fact is that I’m a complete genius and understand exactly what I’m doing. My record sales and live performances prove that, and I’m making a difference in a way that no one else is willing to go through with it.

It is Sony Records who owes me 3.5 million dollars. Furthermore, they refuse to pay me. And, as Michael (Jackson) previously stated, it would be in their best interests. They owe me money, and now they’re attempting to put me out of business by putting me in prison.

What transpired in court today has left me speechless. When it came to attempting to take away my 2nd Amendment rights, my sister lied repeatedly, and she did it on my brother’s behalf in order to keep me from speaking out about how he raped and sexually attacked other women. I will follow the judge’s decision, but I will not refrain from speaking up on behalf of victims like Melissa Schuman in the future. My family and what they have done to me have made me feel very unhappy and helpless. It has broken my heart because of your falsehoods.

The situation with my mother is dire. She’s a raging alcoholic who has no control over her drinking habits. The beverage of choice for her is… Everything she’s ever been in has gone wrong for her. To preserve my mother, I will go to any length I can think of. In exchange for everything, I will give up everything I own. She is dying, and that’s what scares me the most. I’m worried that if she doesn’t seek care soon, she’ll succumb to her illness within 6 to 12 months.

Leslie, my sister, suffered from bipolar disorder and was prescribed lithium to alleviate her symptoms. The way it made her feel wasn’t good for her, and when she was taken off of it, I genuinely believe it caused her to do things she never intended to do. This happened when I was a child of ten years old. As a result of my abuse and rape, I have spent the last 15 years of my life in therapy. I have gone through a variety of therapies and have now found one that works for me.

The past several years have been challenging, but I have made significant progress in improving my mental health and will soon be free of medication. The lengthy therapy and treatments I received did not result in a bipolar or schizophrenia diagnosis for me. When she wasn’t taking her drugs, my sister raped me when I was between the ages of 10 and 13. Now that all of my truth has been out, all I have to do is concentrate on my music, my career, and assisting all victims of abuse and rape in any way I can.

Personal Profile Aaron Carter

  • Name: Aaron Carter
  • Date of Birth: 7 December 1987
  • Age: 34 years
  • Birth Sign: Sagittarius
  • Nationality: American
  • Parents: Jane Elizabeth Carter, Robert Gene Carter
  • Siblings: Nick Carter, Leslie Carter, Angel Carter, Bobbie Jean Carter, Taelyn Dobson, Virginia Marie Carter, Kaden Brent Carter
  • Birth Place/City: Tampa, Florida, United States
  • Profession: rapper, singer

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Aaron Carter Phone Number

Number: (617) 262-7179

Aaron Carter Fan mail address:

Aaron Carter
Supreme Artists Entertainment, LLC
P.O. Box 15601
Boston, MA 02215

Aaron Carter address information:

Supreme Artists Entertainment, LLC
(Talent Management Company)
P.O. Box 15601
Boston, MA 02215
Phone: (617) 262-7179
Fax: (617) 249-1735

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  • Booking Email Id: NA
  • Personal Email: NA
  • Management Email: NA
  • Live Chat: NA

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