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Malcolm and Angus Young, brothers from Scotland, founded AC/DC in Sydney in 1973. Hard rock, blues rock, and heavy metal have all been used to characterise their sound, but the band simply refers to it as “rock and roll.”Before releasing their first album, 1975’s High Voltage, AC/DC changed their lineup many times. The Young brothers, singer Bon Scott, drummer Phil Rudd, and bassist Mark Evans formed the core of the band after that. Cliff Williams, who has appeared on every AC/DC album since 1978’s Powerage, replaced Evans when he was sacked from the band in 1977.

Scott died of acute alcohol intoxication following a night of heavy drinking in February 1980, less than seven months after the release of their breakthrough record Highway to Hell. The band debated breaking up, but decided to stick together, replacing Scott with long-time Geordie vocalist Brian Johnson. Back in Black, the band’s first album with Johnson, was dedicated to Scott’s memory and was released later that year. The album propelled AC/DC to new heights of fame, and it went on to become one of the best-selling albums of all time.

For Those About to Rock We Salute You (1981), the band’s eighth studio album, was their first to reach number one in the US. Rudd left the band before the publication of Flick of the Switch in 1983, and was replaced by Simon Wright, who was replaced in 1989 by Chris Slade. With the publication of The Razors Edge in 1990, the band experienced a commercial rebirth in the early 1990s. Rudd rejoined Slade in 1994 and appeared on the band’s next five albums. Black Ice, their fifteenth studio album, was the second best-selling album of 2008 and their biggest chart smash since For Those About to Rock, peaking at No. 1 globally.

The band’s lineup stayed unchanged for over two decades, until Malcolm Young’s departure in 2014 due to early-onset dementia (he died in 2017) and Rudd’s legal issues. Malcolm was replaced by his nephew Stevie Young, who made his debut on AC/2014 DC’s album Rock or Bust, and former drummer Chris Slade stood in for Rudd on the tour that accompanied it. Johnson’s hearing loss worsened in 2016, and he was recommended to quit touring. For the remainder of that year’s shows, Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose stepped in as the band’s vocalist.

Cliff Williams, AC/longtime DC’s bassist and backup vocalist, left the band at the end of the Rock or Bust tour in 2016, and the band went on sabbatical for four years. In September 2020, the Rock or Bust lineup announced a comeback, and two months later, the band’s seventeenth studio album, Power Up, was released.AC/DC has sold over 200 million albums worldwide, including 75 million albums in the United States, making them the ninth best-selling artist in the country and the 16th best-selling artist worldwide.


in Black is the second best-selling album of all time and the best-selling record of any band, with an estimated 50 million copies sold worldwide. The album is the sixth-best-selling album of all time in the United States, with 22 million sales sold. [10] On VH1’s “100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock” list, AC/DC came in fourth place.  MTV voted them the fifth “Greatest Heavy Metal Band of All Time.”  On Rolling Stone’s “100 Greatest Artists of All Time” list in 2004, AC/DC was rated 72nd. “The best rock and roll band of all time,” according to producer Rick Rubin, who penned an essay about the band for the Rolling Stone list.

AC/DC was named 23rd on VH1’s “100 Greatest Artists of All Time” list in 2010. AC/DC announced on April 16, 2016, that Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose would be joining the band as lead vocalist for the balance of their 2016 tour dates. The following was included in the statement: “Brian Johnson’s accomplishments and dedication to the band throughout the years have been acknowledged by AC/DC band members. With his hearing troubles and future endeavours, we wish him the best of luck.

We understand, appreciate, and support Brian’s choice to stop touring in order to save his hearing, as much as we want the tour to end as it began. We are committed to completing the balance of our tour commitments to all of our fans who have supported us over the years, and we are fortunate that Axl Rose has graciously given his assistance in this regard. With Axl Rose joining them on vocals, AC/DC will restart their Rock or Bust World Tour.”

Cliff Williams announced his departure from the band in a Gulfshore Life interview on July 8, 2016, saying, “I’m leaving the band.” “It’s been my life for the past 40 years, but I’m going to stop performing and recording after this tour. It’s a different beast now that Malcolm is gone, Phil is gone, and Brian is here. I have a strong feeling that this is the correct decision.” He issued a video message declaring his departure at the conclusion of the Rock or Bust World Tour. On September 20, 2016, he played his last AC/DC gig in Philadelphia.

AC/DC went on hiatus in 2016 after concluding the Rock or Bust tour. After a fan living near The Warehouse Studio in Vancouver, B.C. claimed to have seen them in the outdoor area of the studio from her apartment window over the next few years, rumours grew that former members Johnson and Rudd were back and working with the band again. AC/social DC’s media accounts were updated on September 28, 2020, with a brief video clip portraying a neon light in the shape of the band’s lightning bolt insignia being illuminated.

This sparked suspicion that they were “getting ready to make a comeback announcement, potentially as soon as this week or next week.” The band’s official website was redirected to the next day, and it was updated with an AC/DC online store and a “Power Up” e-mail sign-up, leading to speculation that the new album’s title might be Power Up. Another teaser video from AC/DC, containing only the hashtag #PWRUP, added to the suspicion.

On September 30, 2020, AC/DC announced that Brian Johnson, Phil Rudd, and Cliff Williams, as well as Angus and Stevie Young[126], will rejoin the band, reuniting the Rock or Bust recording lineup.AC/DC teased a new song, “Shot in the Dark,” on October 1, 2020. Shortly after, the band’s official website posted photos of several different posters featuring the writing “PWR/UP” (stylised as PWRUP) that were displayed in various cities (from various countries) – including Ashfield (in front of Angus Young’s Ashfield Boys High School), Lille, London, and Dallas.

The band announced their new studio album, Power Up, will be released on November 13, 2020, and released the first single from it, “Shot in the Dark,” on October 7, 2020. A spinning promotional album released the track listing for the album on their website. Angus Young also mentioned that the new record, like Rock or Bust, is dedicated to Malcolm Young, just like Back in Black was.

The instrumental foundation of the band’s simple sound, according to Vulture music journalist David Marchese, was the drummer—Rudd, Wright, or Slade—striking the kick drum on the first and third beats of every measure, and the snare drum on the second and fourth beats; bassist Williams consistently downpicking an eighth note; Angus Young performing lead parts with “clear architecture and even sort of swing, in a frenzied, half-demented way” Malcolm Young used a Marshall Super Bass head to amp up his rhythm guitar while recording in the studio for the entirety of his time with AC/DC.

According to Chris Gill of Guitar World, the amp helped define his signature guitar tone: “clean but as loud as possible to ride on the razor’s edge of power amp distortion and deliver the ideal combination of grind, twang, clang, and crunch, with no distorted preamp ‘hair,’ fizz, or compression,” as heard on songs like “Let There Be Rock,” “Dirty Deeds,” “For Those About to Rock,” and “Thunderstruck.” Young did utilise a Marshall 2203 100-watt master volume head from 1978 to 1980, which Gill believes contributed to a “little more distorted and gloomy” guitar tone on songs like Powerage and Back in Black.

Back in Black was recorded in 1980, and rock journalist Joe S. Harrington thought the band had moved away from the blues-oriented rock of their previous albums and toward a more dynamic attack that adopted punk rock’s “high-energy implications” and transmuted their hard rock/heavy metal songs into “more pop-oriented blasts.” The band would stick to this “impeccably ham-handed” musical style for the rest of their career: “the guitars were compacted into a single statement of rhythmic efficiency, the rhythm section provided thunderhorse overdrive, and vocalist Johnson belowed and brayed like the most unhinged practitioner of bluesy top-man dynamics since vintage Robert Plant.”

Robert Christgau claimed Bon Scott had a “blokelike croak” and “charm,” often singing about sexual violence in the guise of amusement: “Like Ian Hunter or Roger Chapman, he has pleasure being a nasty young man, though without their panache.” Johnson had “three times the range and wattage” as a vocalist, according to him, while conveying the character of a “bloke as fantasy-fiction deity.” By the time Johnson had fully adapted to 1981’s For Those About to Rock We Salute You, Christgau had defined “an epic grandiosity more appropriate to precious-metal status than Bon Scott’s old-fashioned raunch,” but in a less sophisticated manner.

Personal Profile AC/DC

  • Owner:  Hard rock; blues rock; rock and roll; heavy metal
  • History:1973
  • Head Coach: NA
  • Location: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
  • Founded: 1973
  • President:  NA
  • General manager: NA

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Number: +61 (0)2 9927 0900

AC/DC Fan mail address:

Alberts Music
Locked Bag 4000
Neutral Bay NSW 2089

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Alberts Music
(Music Artist Management Company)
Locked Bag 4000
Neutral Bay NSW 2089

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  • Booking Email Id: NA
  • Personal Email: NA
  • Management Email: NA
  • Live Chat: NA

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