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TV star and well-known naturalist On May 8, 1926, David Frederick Attenborough was born in a London suburb. He and his children, the second of three boys born to a university principal and a journalist, would all achieve immense success in their chosen fields, which would take them far from their hometown of Leicester. Richard, David’s older brother, would go on to become an Academy Award-winning actor and producer, while John, David’s younger brother, would go on to become a top executive at Alfa Romeo, an Italian carmaker.

In 1950, Attenborough married Jane Oriel, with whom he remained until her death in 1997 from a brain haemorrhage. They have two children one son and one daughter.

He attended a lecture by famous naturalist Grey Owl, which piqued his interest in the subject, and he was awarded a scholarship to study natural sciences at the University of Cambridge after graduating from high school. After finishing his studies in 1947, Attenborough was drafted into the Royal Navy for a two-year stint. When he was sent to a ship in Wales, though, any illusions he had that this would be his opportunity to see the globe were shattered.

In 1949, Attenborough returned to London and took a job as an editor with a publishing house specialising in education. The next year, he enrolled in a BBC training programme. In 1952, Attenborough completed his schooling and started working as a producer for the BBC, marking the start of a long and illustrious career at the BBC and elsewhere.

At the BBC, Attenborough was confronted with two challenges. First, there was little or no natural science content on the radio, and second, his manager felt Attenborough’s teeth were too large to be an on-air host. Despite these obstacles, Attenborough persisted, taking slow strides forward on the road to his ultimate goal. He began his career as a producer for the quiz show Animal, Vegetable, Mineral?, and then co-hosted The Pattern of Animals with naturalist Sir Julian Huxley.

Attenborough was disappointed with the style of programs like this, which often took animals out of their natural surroundings and put them in the dreary confines of a tv studio. In 1954, Attenborough premiered a series called Zoo Quest in an attempt to break from this tragic pattern. Animals were captured in captivity as well as in the wild, with production crews going far and wide to catch photographs of the animals. Zoo Quest developed what are now the general criteria for nature documentaries with its on-location and politely distant approach to shooting wildlife. The show was so popular with audiences that the BBC decided to establish a Natural History Unit in 1957.


his increasing fame, Attenborough left the BBC in the early 1960s to attend the London School of Economics to research social anthropology. As BBC Two was launched in 1965, however, Attenborough was approached to return as its controller. Attenborough continued to set milestones in both this role and as director of programming for both the BBC and BBC Two, pioneering educational series like The Ascent of Man and Civilisation, overseeing the BBC’s transition to colour television, and having the foresight to sign up an oddball comedy series called Monty Python’s Flying Circus, starring John Cleese and Terry Gilliam, among others.

In 1970, the British Academy presented him with the Desmond Davis Award in memory of his achievements. Despite this, Attenborough could not escape the love that had stayed with him since his childhood, and he resigned from the BBC in 1972 to pursue his dreams in the wild.

Attenborough has won many awards during his career. In 1985, he was knighted, and in 2002, Queen Elizabeth II awarded him the Order of Merit. He holds at least 31 honorary degrees from British universities, including Oxford and Cambridge. His memoir, Life on Air, was published in 2002, and he was the subject of the BBC series Attenborough: 60 Years in the Wild, which aired in 2012. In a poll conducted in 2014, he was voted the most trustworthy public figure in the United Kingdom.

Attenborough is also the oldest person to have ever crossed the North Pole and the most travelled person in known human history. But perhaps the most apt homage of all is that Attenborough’s name has been bestowed on many species of plants, insects, and birds, meaning that it will live on alongside the many animals he has spent his life honouring and defending.

Personal Profile of David Attenborough:

  • Name: David Attenborough
  • Date of Birth: 8 May 1926
  • Age: 94 Years
  • Birth Sign: N/A
  • Nationality: British
  • Parents: N/A
  • Siblings: N/A
  • Birth Place/City: Isleworth, United Kingdom
  • Profession: Author, Producer

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David Attenborough
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David Attenborough Productions, Ltd.
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5 Park Road
Surrey, TW10 6NS
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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/davidattenborough/

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