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Gina Philips’s parents, an Italian father, and an Ashkenazi Jewish mother met while working in Miami Beach, Florida, where he was born. Originally from Philadelphia, she attended the University of Pennsylvania before dropping out halfway through her senior year to pursue acting. Due to the fact that she was only one class away from graduation, they allowed her to walk with the rest of her graduating class through the ceremony.

Philips is most known for her recurrent performances as Sandy Hingle on David E. Kelley’s Ally McBeal and as Jenna Miller on the television show Boston Public. She has also appeared as a guest star on Star Trek: DS9, Sliders, ER, CSI, Medium, and Monk, among other shows. She had recurring parts on David E. Kelley’s Ally McBeal as Sandy Hingle and on Boston Public as Jenna Miller, both of which were created by David E. Kelley.

The character of Trish Jenner in the horror film Jeepers Creepers is possibly her most well-known role (2001). Jeepers Creepers 3 featured a cameo appearance by her in which she repeated her role (2017). The film Deadly Invasion: The Killer Bee Nightmare marked Philips’ feature film debut as a supporting player. On March 7, 1995, the Fox Network broadcasted the episode.

Philips had a brief role in the 1996 film Unforgivable, in which she played Tammy, the daughter of an abusive father. The film made its television debut on CBS on April 30, 1996, and earned little to no critical acclaim. Born Into Exile, in which Philips played Holly, a 14-year-old runaway, was her first feature film starring role, which she landed in 1997. In 2001, Philips was cast as the lead in the horror film Jeepers Creepers, which was released the same year. A mixed response was obtained from critics for the picture.

When Jeepers Creepers 2 was announced in 2003, Philips was set to reprise her role as Trish Jenner, as the plot revolved around her and Patricia Belcher’s characters hunting down The Creeper. However, the plot changed significantly during script rewrites, and Philips turned down what had become a minor role. Her next picture was the American comedy-drama The Anarchist Cookbook, which garnered overwhelmingly poor reviews when it was released in 2008.

In 2004, she starred in the low-budget horror films Dead & Breakfast and Jennifer’s Shadow, which were both released in theatres. When Philips returned to the screen in 2006, she was cast as the lead in Ring Around the Rosie, a low-budget horror film in which she played a young woman who is troubled by awful visions and hallucinations of catastrophic past events while staying at her grandparents’ remote summerhouse.

On January 7, 2010, the film was released as a DVD under the title Stolen Innocence, and it became available for purchase. The Jennifer Lynch film Chained (formerly titled Rabbit), a Canadian psychological thriller shot in Regina, Saskatchewan, and released in 2012, was the first project she worked on.

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Jeepers Creepers 3 was the third Jeepers Creepers film, and she returned to her old role for a brief cameo appearance. During the month of February 2017, production began in Louisiana, and the film was released in September of the same year. After confirming that she will reprise her original role in the upcoming third episode of the “Jeepers Creepers” franchise, Gina Philips suggested the possibility of a fourth film in the series.

According to Contactmusic, the 47-year-old actress made her film debut as Trish Jenner in the first installment of the franchise, which was written and directed by Victor Salva. In order to launch what occurs next, I’m in the game ‘Jeepers Creepers 3.'” ‘Jeepers Creepers 3’ has ended, and Victor has written what happened from the second following the ending of the film.

I believe that’s all I’m permitted to say about it, but he wrote in such detail and had so many flashbacks to what had transpired over the years that it was extremely easy for me to follow along. “I got to see what will eventually happen to the character, and he threw in enough flashbacks that I got to see what had occurred to her over the previous 15 years,” says the director.

For the time being, let us just say that there’s more to come,” she remarked. The story revolves around a demon who terrorizes a secluded community in America for the duration of a 23-day feeding frenzy. According to reports, the third film, “Jeepers Creepers: Cathedral,” will depict events from the last day’s broadcast, as well as a task force tasked with destroying The Creeper once and for all.

The film begins in a little town in rural Texas. When a police officer notices a car parked outside an abandoned farmhouse, he pulls over to look into it. On one side of the home, a large hole has been ripped through it. Once inside, he discovers several dead strewn across the ground. He attempts to revive them before realizing that they are no longer alive. A swarm of bees attacks him and kills him, and he is left for dead.

After that, the camera pans to Blossom Meadow, California. The Ingram family has recently relocated from Boston to this location. A large swarm of killer bees infiltrates the town as a result of a series of events, and the family must band together in order to live.
On the Creeper’s twenty-second day of feeding, it abducts a young Billy Taggart in front of his father Jack and older brother Jack Jr., who is also there. When one of the bus’s tires is punctured by a hand-crafted shuriken composed of bone fragments the following day, a high school basketball team and cheerleaders are forced to abandon their bus and walk to a nearby bus stop.

The Creeper appears to cheerleader Minxie Hayes later in a vision, along with Billy Taggart and Darry Jenner, another victim of the Creeper, who attempt to warn her about the Creeper before he blows out another tyre, causing the bus to become undrivable. In order to avoid being abandoned, the Creeper abducts the team’s bus driver Betty Borman as well as their coaches Charlie Hanna and Dwayne Barnes.

After returning, the Creeper selects out six pupils for special attention: Dante Belasco, Jake Spencer, Minxie Hayes, Scotty Braddock, Andy “Bucky” Buck, Deandre “Double D” Davis, and Andy “Bucky” Buck. After having a second vision in which Darry states the Creeper appears every twenty-third spring for twenty-three days and consumes humanity, Minxie shares her vision with the other students, who are horrified.

After hearing many police reports, the Taggarts start on a search for the Creeper and are able to establish radio contact with the school bus shortly thereafter. A javelin is used by Rhonda to stab the Creeper in the head, preventing it from further harming Bucky. The Creeper grabs Dante by the neck and decapitates him as he attempts to prod it with his finger. The Creeper rips off its injured head and replaces it with Dante’s severed head, which the Creeper eats. The kids decide to leave the bus in order to seek assistance, but the Creeper reappears and follows them into a field, where it murders Jake and kidnaps Scotty as a result.

While aboard the bus, the Creeper tries to assault Jonny, Chelsea, and Bucky again. The Taggarts arrive and Jack shoots the Creeper with his homemade harpoon, but the Creeper fights him off and manages to escape after flipping the bus over. Rhonda, Izzy Cohen, and Double D are able to escape in a vehicle, but they are once again pursued by the Creeper, who kills them.

In the process, Izzy knocks Rhonda out of the truck, causing it to crash, wounding both Double D and the Creeper, who suffers injuries to his arm, leg, and wing. However, Izzy crawls out of the debris before the truck explodes, saving Double D’s life. After a while, the Creeper continues to chase Double D by leaping towards him, and when it appears to have Double D trapped down, Jack arrives and shoots the Creeper in the head with his harpoon, killing him. He repeatedly stabs the Creeper in the chest, but it is unable to kill him because it has entered a hibernating state.

In 1993, a gang of adolescents travels to the Taggart farm, where the Creeper is now a sideshow attraction known as “The Bat Out of Hell,” and the middle-aged Jack Jr. is collecting admission fees for the show. An elderly Jack is standing nearby, his harpoon at the ready, and when they inquire as to whether he is waiting for anything, he raises his eyes to the Creeper and states, “approximately three more days, give or take a day or two.”

A vision of Kenny’s mother Gaylen, who was killed by the Creeper the day before, appears to her. Kenny warns her that the Creeper will come for what he has buried on the land and will kill her as well as Kenny’s niece Addison. Tubbs becomes a member of a tiny team Tashtego has assembled from relatives of Creeper victims in order to eliminate it. An unidentified gang of teens discovers the Creeper’s truck in a field; one of them, Kirk, mistakenly ignites the Creeper’s spear, causing him to be stabbed through the leg.

During the course of the other guys’ attempts to release him, the Creeper kills everyone. To buy hay for her horse, Addison travels to town, where she meets up with her friend Buddy to transport the hay to a plantation house. They discover the owner and his employees sheltering behind automobiles, and the owner instructs them to phone for assistance. Addison gets kidnapped by the Creeper. Gaylen digs up the hand that Kenny had discovered and touches it, entering a trance.

While waiting for Tashtego’s crew to arrive, Gaylen discloses that the hand can teach them everything they need to know about the Creeper; when Tashtego feels the hand, he is surprised by how old the Creeper is. In the Creeper’s truck, Addison awakens with Kirk; Kirk unintentionally initiates a booby trap, causing a metal pipe to impale his head. Tashtego and Tubbs have discovered the Creeper’s whereabouts, and they, together with Michael, have set out to find him.

They are able to track down the Creeper as he is driving along the highway, but when they fire at it, the bullets deflect, and Michael is fatally wounded. A small explosive device is released from the Creeper’s vehicle, and Tashtego and Tubbs’ automobile crashes into a field, killing them both. Tashtego calls for the Creeper’s attention just as it is about to kill Tubbs; the Creeper lunges after him as if sensing he is aware of what is going to happen. After shooting him a number of times, Tashtego finds that the bullets have no impact and decides to hit him in the skull with an ax. Tubbs retreats after the majority of the team have left.

Personal Profile Gina Philips

  • Name: Gina Philips
  • Date of Birth: 10 May 1970
  • Age: 51 years
  • Birth Sign: Taurus
  • Nationality: American
  • Parents: NA
  • Siblings: NA
  • Birth Place/City: North Miami Beach, Florida, United States
  • Profession: Actress

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Gina Philips
Zero Gravity Management
11110 Ohio Avenue
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Los Angeles, CA 90025-3329

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Zero Gravity Management
11110 Ohio Avenue
Suite 100
Los Angeles, CA 90025-3329

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