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Izabella Scorupco Phone Number, Email, Fan Mail, Address, Biography, Agent, Manager, Mailing address, Contact Info

Izabella Scorupco Mailing Address, Email, Fan Mail, House Address, Contact Number, Agent, Manager, Mailing address, Contact Info

This well-known actress was born on June 4, 1970, in the Polish city of Bialystok. Her mother and father divorced when she was a year old, and she moved to Sweden with her mother at the time of the separation. During her early education, she was primarily interested in the performing arts, particularly drama and music. She also pursued language studies and became fluent in Swedish, English, and French as a result of her studies. In 1987, while still in school, she was found and cast in the film ‘Ingenkanälskasom vi’, which was released in 1988.

She was soon recognized as a legendary and well-known teenage idol. On December 25, 1996, she tied the knot with Mariusz Czerkawski and relocated to the United States with him. The couple later divorced, however they were the parents of one daughter, Julia. She is currently married to Jeffrey Raymond, whom she met on the internet. The couple has one son, Jakob, whom they have raised together, and the entire family splits their time between Los Angeles and New York City. She was offered the main female role in the now-famous film ‘The Mask of Zorro,’ which she accepted.

She turned down the job that was ultimately offered to Catherine Zeta-Jones. IzabellaScorupco, best known for her appearance in the critically acclaimed film ‘GoldenEye,’ has established herself as an actor, model, and singer in addition to her film work. She demonstrated an early interest in acting and the arts, even as a toddler. She began taking musical instruction at an early age and even began writing her own plays while still in elementary school.

She received a fortunate break when she was still a young 17-year-old student, which enabled her to travel around Europe after she graduated. She spent the next several years dominating the modeling industry while also dabbling in the world of singing. She had a very successful career in Europe, but when she met her first husband, she decided to go to the United States. It was at this point that she was cast in the now-famous James Bond picture.

From that moment on, she was allowed into the American film industry, where she went on to co-star with well-known stars such as Matthew McConaughey and Brad Pitt. As a multi-talented individual, she has achieved success in a variety of fields, including hosting the popular television show “Sweden’s Next Top Model,” appearing in various films, and even appearing on the cover of “Italian Vogue.” Aside from that, she is continuing to pursue her acting and singing careers and is now working on the film ‘Sleepwalker,’ which is slated to be released later this year.

Following graduation, she embarked on a trip to Europe in pursuit of a modeling career. She earned even more notoriety after appearing on the cover of the prestigious ‘Italian Vogue’ magazine and appearing in a number of television commercials. With the release of her pop single ‘Substitute’ in 1989, she made the decision to take on the music industry head-on. The song was so well-liked that it reached the top three of the charts in Sweden and was certified gold. In 1991, she released her maiden studio album, titled ‘IZA,’ which continued her musical prominence.


album peaked at number 11 on the Swedish charts, with the album’s lead single, ‘Shame, Shame, Shame,’ reaching the top three of the charts. In 1991, she gained further experience in the acting world by appearing in the television miniseries ‘V som I Viking.’ She also had a role in the Swedish television series ‘Bert.’ They traveled to the United States after meeting and marrying her American husband when Scorupco was offered the opportunity that would change her life. ‘Natalya Simonova’ was the role she was offered and accepted in the hugely successful film ‘GoldenEye.’

She returned to the screen in 1999 with the film ‘With Fire and Sword,’ after taking some time off to care for her newborn child. Following its completion, the film went on to become the largest film production ever completed in Poland. In 1999, the cosmetics firm Oriflame nominated her to be their representative and she accepted the position. This aspirational woman accepted the job and exploited it to significantly improve her celebrity status. In 2000, she agreed to appear in the films ‘Dykaren’ and ‘Vertical Limit.’

Her performance in the film “Vertical Limit” established her as a capable action heroine. This exercise stretched her to her limits, and at times she was compelled to dangle from ropes more than 1,200 feet above the ground. The thriller ‘Reign of Fire’, in which she appeared with notable actors Matthew McConaughey and Christian Bale, was released in 2002, giving her the opportunity to further develop her acting skills. The film went on to be nominated for a ‘Saturn Award’ for ‘Best Fantasy Film’, which it ultimately won. In the years 2002-2007, she continued to appear in films and television programs such as ‘Exorcist: The Beginning,’ ‘Alias,’ ‘Cougar Club,,’ and ‘Solstorm,’ among others. It is estimated that the star earned more than $800,000 from his subsequent three appearances

Although Scorupco possesses jaw-dropping beauty that causes journalists to get paralyzed in the presence of her attraction, she is a reserved individual in person. Although she does not have a strong accent, unlike the Russian dialect from Goldeneye or the American accent from Vertical Limit, she does have a slight accent. It is necessary for her accent to be a blend of Polish and Swedish, which are the languages of the two countries in which she grew up. Despite the fact that she speaks with some of the traits of European English, she is entirely fluent.

Do you think your engagement with Goldeneye played a role in getting you this role? Knowing what I know now about working on Goldeneye, I can confidently state that I would not have been able to make this film if I had not met Martin Campbell while working on the prior project. That you get the opportunity to work with the same director again is a tremendous compliment because it indicates that you have someone who trusts you, believes in you and believes that you are capable of completing this project.

I’m curious as to why it took you five years to make another picture in the United States. I became a mother for the simple reason that I am a woman. I became a mother almost immediately after the release of Goldeneye, and I had wanted to spend a significant amount of time with her. Although I had no intention of becoming an actor mother, I ended up working on a film in Poland when she was five months old, which went against my intentions because I truly didn’t want to be in this role.

Everything, on the other hand, works out perfectly. To be honest, I consider myself really fortunate to have reached a point in my career where you can bring your child with you. Many women do not have the ability to work and travel in the same way that I do with a nanny, and I am one of those women. Then I went to Sweden to work on a film for three months straight, which was a great experience. My filmography over the past many years came to an end with the release of Vertical Limit, which I shot in New Zealand and which I directed. Are you planning to shoot any more films in the United States in the near future?

If that is the case, I genuinely hope it is so. And I’m hoping against hope that I’ll be able to work non-stop for the rest of my life and be a part of the entire process. A person’s capacity to work is a huge blessing, especially when one lives and works in a large metropolitan area such as Chicago. You can take a look at all of these people that work in restaurants but are also entertainers as a whole. It’s very extraordinary, to say the least. Specifically, what am I doing as a participant in this huge production? What exactly is the punchline to this joke?  “Can you believe that I’m a professional actress?”

“Oh, what restaurant?” asks the narrator incredulously. That’s one of my personal favorites. How did you find the experience of training with the elite climbers when you were doing it yourself? I didn’t have nearly as much time to prepare as I would have liked because I was working on a Swedish film at the time and only had four days to pack and prepare for the 36-hour trip. I was also working on a Swedish film at the time. I finally arrived in New Zealand totally exhausted and spent the next day climbing all over the country. It was an incredible experience. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to consider it before I went.

That it was going to be a complete and utter madhouse didn’t occur to me until after I had already entered the building. Overall, I’m not a big fan of action movies, and this one is no exception. Action movies, on the other hand, are not something I enjoy seeing. If you want to make an action movie, you must always collaborate with a truly excellent filmmaker who is worried about the performers and who is concerned about the dramatic elements. For example, our film, which chronicles the story of a family tragedy, could, in my opinion, have taken place anywhere.

It was her femininity, along with the fact that she was seeing an awful partner, that I appreciated about her. She seemed to believe that she couldn’t do anything right. “I have absolutely nothing to lose by trying this out. This is something I’m obligated to complete. Despite the fact that it is extremely dangerous, I have no choice but to proceed because I have no other options.” There was no point caring about the physical side of things because it was all just going to happen anyhow, and also because of the preparation. We had everything planned out in advance.

Personal Profile Izabella Scorupco

  • Name: Izabella Scorupco
  • Date of Birth: 4 June 1970
  • Age: 51 years
  • Birth Sign: Gemini
  • Nationality: Polish
  • Parents: NA
  • Siblings: NA
  • Birth Place/City: Białystok, Poland
  • Profession: Actress

Izabella Scorupco Contact Details  and information

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Izabella Scorupco Phone Number

Number: NA

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Izabella Scorupco
Agentfirman Planthaber/Kildén
Västmannagatan 1
111 24 Stockholm

Izabella Scorupco address information:

Agentfirman Planthaber/Kildén
Västmannagatan 1
111 24 Stockholm

Izabella Scorupco Email IDs

  • Booking Email Id: NA
  • Personal Email: NA
  • Management Email: NA
  • Live Chat: NA

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Whatsapp: Not Available

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