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Jaimie Alexander was born on the 12th of March in year 1984. Her age as of right now is 37 years and nine months, which makes her one of the most beautiful actresses on the planet. She was born in the city of Greenville, in the state of South Carolina, and was raised in the United States of America by her parents. Despite the fact that Jaimie is of American nationality and was born under the zodiac sign of Pisces, she is not the only person who shares Jaimie’s birthday with her mother.

As a follow-up, we’ll discuss Jaimie’s parents, David Curtis Tarbush and Nita Carol, with whom she has a father and a mother in common, respectively. In a similar vein, Jaimie is the only daughter of her divorced parents, who are both divorced from her mother. Jaimie is the youngest of four brothers and the youngest of four sisters. She is the youngest of four siblings. However, the actress has kept her brothers’ identities a secret up until this point in the filming.

For as long as Jaimie can remember, she’s had a strong desire to work in the entertainment industry as a professional actress. Unlike the actress Jamie, who got her start in the industry when she was in elementary school. Jaimie Alexander continued her education after graduating from high school by enrolling at Colleyville High School. As of this writing, it is not known whether Jaimie has applied for or has already enrolled in a college to further her education. Aside from that, she relocated to Los Angeles after graduating from high school in order to pursue a career in the entertainment industry after she graduated.

Jaimie is currently involved in a romantic relationship with a man named Michael. Milo Ventimiglia and actress Mila Kunis had previously announced that they were engaged to be married at the time of their engagement. Jaimie, on the other hand, went on to become engaged to Peter Facinelli the following year, and the two have been together since. Despite having been married for a number of years, the couple decided to divorce in 2016.

As far as we know, Jaimie Alexander has not been involved in any scandals or controversies during her professional career. It is possible to make a similar statement about Jaimie, who has maintained a clean online profile and has avoided becoming embroiled in any controversy or trouble.

Jaimie Alexander is a stunningly beautiful young lady in her early twenties who is still in her early twenties. To put it another way, Jaimie is 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 60 kilograms, which is a good weight-to-height combination for someone of her stature and weight. The same can be said for her body measurements (chest, waist, and hips), which are 34-26-35, which correspond to her chronological age of 25.


gorgeous actress’s hazel eyes are the perfect complement to her black hair and eyes, which are also both black in color. The performing arts drew her attention at a young age, and she has continued to pursue them ever since. She began participating in theatrical productions when she was in elementary school and has continued to this day. While in high school, she was, on the other hand, expelled from the theatre program because she couldn’t perform well enough. As a result, she turned to wrestle as a substitute for her previous sport.

As a matter of fact, she was the only female wrestler on the team, and she had to train alongside the male competitors. Although Jaime Alexander has never been married in her personal life, her social media accounts indicate that she has been engaged on two separate occasions. After becoming engaged to actor Milo Ventimiglia in 2012, the couple called it quits the following year, according to People magazine. Soon after, she began dating Peter Facinelli, who had previously appeared with her in the film Loosies.’

They were together in the film for a short period of time. “Loosies” was a film in which they appeared together. Her engagement to Peter Facinelli, with whom she had become engaged in 2015, was called off the following year by the couple. Aaron Armstrong, who works as a fight coordinator on the television show ‘Blindspot,’ was her first boyfriend. It was the following year that they began dating. Jaimie Alexander quickly moved on to her most recent boyfriend, Tom Pelphrey, with whom she has been dating since 2015.

They ended their relationship in 2017, and she has been with him since 2015. Tattoos are applied to the actress’s entire body over the course of six and a half hours in preparation for her role as Jane Doe in the film ‘Blindspot’ The young actress Jaimie Alexander appears to have been predestined for a career in the entertainment industry on the surface of things.

When she was still in high school, a friend asked her to stand in for her at a meeting with a scouting agency, and she gladly agreed. She was overjoyed when the offer was extended to her. At the meeting, she met Randy James, who went on to become her manager, a position he has held to this day. He was impressed with her performance and gave her a few scripts to read over and practice with after hearing her audition tape. Following graduation from high school, she moved to Los Angeles where she hopes to pursue a professional acting career.

In 2003, she was cast as the lead actress in the film ‘The Other Side,’ directed by Gregg Bishop, which gave her her first major break in the entertainment industry. According to what appears to be true, she did not actually audition for the role, contrary to popular belief. Her purpose for attending the audition was to act as a reader, assisting the male actors in the delivery of their lines during the audition. Gregg, on the other hand, was impressed with the way she delivered her lines and decided to cast her in the lead role.

Produced on a tight budget of $15,000, this 2006 feature film premiered in theatres across the country the same year it came out. Jaimie’s presence was critical to the film’s success, and by the time it was released, she had established herself as a leading lady in the industry. In 2004, she landed a significant role in the critically acclaimed film ‘Squirrel Trap,’ which was released in theatres that summer. The year 2008 also saw the release of another low-budget film in which she appeared as Sara, the second main character.

The first season of the television series ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,’ in which she played a minor but distinguishable role, was broadcast in 2005, and she made a brief but notable appearance in the second season of the same year. A short time later, the film ‘Standoff’ was released and he went on to appear in a minor role in another installment of the series. The actress has been cast in a major role in the television series ‘Watch Over Me,’ in which she will make her television debut (2006-07).

The plot of the story revolved around a love triangle, as implied by the title. Immediately following her casting in the role of Caitlin Porter, the subject of controversy surfaced. A leading role in the 2008 horror film ‘Rest Stop,’ which was released across the country, gave the actress her first major break as a leading lady. (2006). Nicole Carrow is the name of the character she played in this film, and she played her as Nicole Carrow. With the release of the film ‘Hallowed Ground,’ her fans were given yet another opportunity to see her perform (2007).

‘Kyle XY’ was a popular television series that featured the character Jessi, who was played by Jaimie Alexander from 2007 to 2009. She received positive reviews for her performance in the role. In the aftermath of this performance, she saw a significant increase in the number of people who liked her. Her cameo appearances on a variety of television shows, including “Bones” and “CSI: Miami,” are what she is best known for in the meantime. Jaimie Alexander was cast in her most significant role to date, Lady Sif, in the film ‘Thor,’ in which she also appeared as the title character, in 2009.

In 2009, she was cast in her most significant role to date, Lady Sif, in the film ‘Thor.’ (The film was released in 2011; the trailer is below.) Thor: The Dark World featured a brief cameo appearance by Lady Sif, who had previously appeared in the first film (2013). When she portrayed the character of Thor in the film series ‘Thor,’ she cemented her reputation as a female action hero in the film industry. A solo Lady Sif television series for television networks, according to recent media reports, is being considered by Marvel. In addition to Jaimie Alexander, who will portray Lady Sif, it is expected that she will appear in the film.

The following year, she was cast in the action film “The Last Stand,” in which Arnold Schwarzenegger played the main character, Deputy Sheriff Sarah Torrance, and which was released in theatres. In the following year, she was cast as an important character in the television series ‘Blindspot,’ which premiered in the fall of 2011. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is conducting an investigation into a woman named Jane Doe, and she takes on the role of the subject of the investigation.

Following the show’s enormous popularity, a fourth season of the series was ordered for release in 2018. For her roles as Sif and Jane Doe in the film ‘Thor,’ and its sequel, Jaimie Alexander is perhaps best known in the film and television industries. She also appeared as Jane Doe in the television series ‘Blindspot,’ which she co-starred in. Her other notable roles include Sif in the film ‘Thor’ and its sequel, as well as Jane Doe in the television series ‘Blindspot.’ She has also appeared in the film ‘Thor’ and its sequel. It is important to note that the female leads in both films are physically fit and tough women with strong personalities, and the actresses have done an excellent job portraying them in their respective films.

Personal Profile Jaimie Alexander

  • Name: Jaimie Alexander
  • Date of Birth: March 12, 1984
  • Age: 37 years
  • Birth Sign: Pisces
  • Nationality: American
  • Parents: NA
  • Siblings: NA
  • Birth Place/City: Greenville, South Carolina
  • Profession: Actress

Jaimie Alexander Contact Details  and information

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Jaimie Alexander Phone Number

Number: (310) 285-9000

Jaimie Alexander Fan mail address:

Jaimie Alexander
William Morris Endeavor Entertainment
9601 Wilshire Blvd.
3rd Floor
Beverly Hills, CA 90210-5213

Jaimie Alexander address information:

William Morris Endeavor Entertainment
9601 Wilshire Blvd.
3rd Floor
Beverly Hills, CA 90210-5213

Jaimie Alexander Email IDs

  • Booking Email Id: NA
  • Personal Email: NA
  • Management Email: NA
  • Live Chat: NA

Social profiles of Jaimie Alexander:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jaimiealexander/

Facebook: Not Available

Youtube: Not Available

Tiktok: Not Available

Whatsapp: Not Available

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