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Julio Arturo Macias is a Mexican actor who was born on March 20, 1990. Following a string of minor roles, Macias had his debut as Oscar Diaz on the comedy-drama series On My Block (2018–2021), for which he was nominated for two Imagen Awards. He also played Pete Astudillo, a singer-songwriter, in the historical drama Selena: The Series (2020–2021).

On March 20, 1990, Macias was born in Mexico City, Mexico. His family migrated to the United States when he was a youngster, prompting Macias to try to fit into the society. A cameo role, often known as a cameo appearance or simply cameo (/kmio/), is a brief appearance or voice part made by a well-known individual in a work of the performing arts.

These parts are often minor, with many of them being non-speaking, and are frequently either cameos in works in which they have particular importance (such as performers from an original film appearing in a remake) or uncredited appearances by well-known personalities. Celebrities, film directors, politicians, sports, and singers often make brief appearances.

A cameo may also refer to a member of the film or television crew who appears in a tiny capacity, such as Alfred Hitchcock’s regular appearances. Julio Macias is an American actor and television personality who rose to prominence after his involvement in the Netflix series On My Block. He is a talented actor who can play a variety of roles. He also has a sizable fan base on social media platforms.

Julio Macias was born in Mexico City, Mexico, on March 20th, 1990. Julio Macias is of Mexican-American descent and belongs to the Caucasian ethnic group. He is 31 years old and follows the Christian faith. Pisces is his zodiac sign.

Julio Macias is a tall, slender guy with a commanding presence. He is 6 feet 1 inch tall and weighs 82 kg. He is a fitness nut who spends a lot of time in the gym sweating. Julio’s physique measurements are 42-31-15, with a 16-inch biceps. He wears shoe size 9 in the United States. Julio is a tall, muscular guy with black hair and dark eyes.

Julio has a reserved demeanour. He keeps a low profile when it comes to his family and personal life. He was born in Mexico City, Mexico, on March 20, 1990. His family migrated to the United States when he was a youngster, and he went on to pursue acting.

Julio is a social media user that posts a lot of content on his account. He is not a Facebook user and does not have an official account there. However, he is quite active on Instagram, where his official account has 1.3 million followers. Julio is also active on Twitter, where he has a total of 97.1K followers.

Since 2015, Julio has been in a relationship with Shannon Shudder. Shannon works as a cosmetics artist for a living. They’re in a committed relationship. He’s also been pictured on the red carpet with his girlfriend Shannon Shudder on a few occasions. The pair also exchanges a lot of images on their separate social media accounts.


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Julio began his acting career in 2013 with the short film “Visit,” and was then cast in the horror film “Obsidian” and then “Blazed to the Future II.” In 2016, he appeared in many television shows, including season 1, episode 18 of “Game Shakers,” in which he played Canz.

He then appeared in “Por Safia” in the character of Luis, as well as “SinVerguenzas” in the part of Billetin. In addition, he appeared in “Jane the Virgin” season 4, episode 13 in 2018, as Oscar “Spooky” Diaz. He’s also appeared in a S.W.A.T. episode. As a recurrent cast member on Netflix’s ‘On My Block,’ he made a major splash in 2019. Lauren Lungerich, Eddie Gonzalez, and Jeremy Haft created the programme.

‘On My Block’ is an American coming-of-age comedy-drama that successfully blends humour, love, and friendship. The series is a popular because to a varied cast, compelling stories, and adequate coverage of many contemporary teenage concerns. Its third season was just released on Netflix on March 11, 2020, increasing its popularity even more. With its eccentric characters, this show is eerily accurate.

It delves into common puberty concerns and deftly ties together all of the complex emotions. Ruben is a little guy with a complex personality. Jamal is the witty one, Cesar is the badass with a large heart, and Monse is the brains behind the band. He is a writer who also acted in the 2014 horror short film Obsidion, which he co-wrote.

At the Mercedes Oscar Viewing Party, he made an appearance. In Oh My Block, he co-stars with Diego Tinoco and Sierra Capri. He enjoys music and plays an instrument in addition to his acting job. He likes singing and playing the guitar. Writing is one of his hobbies, and he enjoys doing any form of job that fits or interests him.

Julio Macias is a well-known actor and television personality in the Philippines. His varied undertakings, including his performing appearances in different movies and television comedies, account for the majority of his riches. He is most recognised for his appearance in the film ‘On My Block.’

It’s an American coming-of-age comedy-drama that does a good job of combining humour, love, and friendship. The majority of his fortune stems from his job in the entertainment sector. His net worth is estimated to be over 2 million dollars, according to several estimates.

Shannon was born in the United States of America, is in her mid-twenties, and her date of birth is unknown. Julio Macas, star of On My Block, has some intriguing statistics and physique measurements that you should know about.

Macas began his acting career in short films and television programmes, and he has been in guest parts on shows such as SWAT and Jane The Virgin. Julio rose to prominence and adoration for his depiction of Oscar “Spooky” Diaz in the Spanish television series On My Block, which has been available on Netflix since 2018.

He achieved worldwide recognition as a result of this character, and some even consider him the show’s backbone. He has recently been working as a cast member on the post-production of Selena: The Series.


Mexico is where he was born. Julio was born in the Mexican Republic. When he was a youngster, he and his family relocated to the United States, residing in the Los Angeles region. He was pushed to assimilate to American society early on, which led him to lose touch with his Mexican roots for a period.

He’s done some behind-the-scenes work. Julio is well-known for his work in front of the camera, but as a true storyteller, he has also worked behind the scenes. Julio has experience as a writer, director, and producer, having worked on more than a dozen projects. In the next years, he will undoubtedly undertake more work behind the camera.

He has a formal acting education. Julio, unlike many other actors, did not wish to be an actor as a child. When he got the acting bug, he recognised he had to do whatever it took to make it a successful career. He studied acting at The Circle in the Square Conservatory in New York City. He also has a bachelor’s degree in film from the New York Film Academy.

He is a huge animal lover. Julio’s character in On My Block is tough as nails, yet in real life he is a gentle and sensitive guy who has a soft spot for animals. He is a devoted pet owner who just adopted a rescue dog. We were unable to find any further information on Julio’s pet.

He likes giving back to his community. The capacity to give back to others is one of the most appealing elements of wealth. Since establishing a name for himself, Julio has made it a point to give back to others. He has worked with humanitarian organisations and is particularly committed to problems that assist the Latino population.

Because of his personality, he’s been profiled. People are scrutinised on their looks every day, as Julio has discovered while playing Spooky. Julio told Starry Magazine an unusual storey about how being nervous in character when off set nearly got him in trouble with the cops. He stated, “We were shooting the first season, and the tattoos lasted a few days.”

They’d ask whether I wanted to keep my tattoos on while filming a scene. I now reside in the city, and I remember strolling down the street with a shaved head, facial tattoos, and bigger clothing, but not completely “Spooky’d out.” “What are you doing in this neighbourhood?” a motorcycle officer said as I walked down the street.

Julio is, in his opinion, the finest role he has ever portrayed. Julio has a long list of credits under his belt, but he considers Spooky to be his greatest. “It’s a blessing—it really is—not just for exposing my ancestors and culture, but also for allowing me to participate in this discourse,” Julio told Mitu. And the conversation will continue to go in the right direction.”

In an episode of Jane the Virgin, he made an appearance. Every actor aspires to be a part of a successful production, and Julio can boast of having done so on many occasions. In 2018, Julio appeared in an episode of Jane the Virgin. He had no notion that year would be the turning point in his career.

He isn’t a major social media user. With the popularity of On My Block, Julio’s social media presence has exploded. Julio does not seem to be interested in writing online despite having influencer-level numbers. His Instagram account is really managed by his management business.

He admires my willingness to be vulnerable on my street. Spooky may be tough, but that doesn’t mean he’s devoid of feelings and emotions like the rest of us. One of Julio’s favourite things about the show’s writers is that they let the character be vulnerable and show several sides of himself.



Personal Profile Julio Macias

  • Name: Julio Macias
  • Date of Birth: 20 March 1990
  • Age: 31 years
  • Birth Sign:Pisces
  • Nationality: American/Mexican
  • Parents: Macías, Aida Lourdes Macías
  • Siblings: NA
  • Birth Place/City: Mexican descent
  • Profession: Actor

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ajuliomacias/?hl=en

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Julio-Macias-412611302411229/photos/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUJYAINohJA

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