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On October 20, 1981, Kendra Andrews was born in Lewiston, ME. Dancer most recognized for her roles in films such as Step Up 3D and Footloose. She also appeared in the comedy The Night Before, which was released in 2015. In the 2010 film Step Up 3D, she costarred with Rick Malambri and Sharni Vinson. Florida State University awarded her a bachelor’s degree in 2004.

She is a well-known dancer, according to popular bio. She was one of the notable persons born on October 20, 1981, according to Wikipedia. She is one of ME’s wealthiest dancers. She is also a member of the Most Popular Dancer list. With a 37-year-old age, Kendra Andrews is one of the well-known persons in our database.

The estimated Net Worth, Salary, Income, Cars, and Lifestyles of Kendra Andrews have all been updated and are included here. Let’s have a look at Kendra Andrews’ net worth for the years 2019 and 2020.
Kendra Andrews is 37 years old at the time of this writing. The height and weight of Kendra Andrews are currently unknown. Full body measurements, as well as dress and shoe sizes, will be provided as soon as possible.

Kendra Andrews is a reserved person who keeps his personal and romantic life to himself. Please revisit this page often as we will continue to add additional connection information.

Look at Kendra Andrews’ prior relationships, ex-girlfriends, and hookups. Kendra Andrews wishes to keep her marriage status and divorce facts private.

The term “dating” refers to a time in a person’s life when he or she is actively seeking romantic connections with other individuals. They are referred to be “dating” when two unmarried celebrities are seen together in public and it is not obvious whether they are friends, pursuing a more personal connection, or are passionately engaged.

Every dream has a beginning. A garden. A mirror in the bathroom. A ceiling in the bedroom. In the middle of the night, with closed eyelids. Malika and Kendra Andrews’ aspirations began in their Oakland living room while watching sports with their dad. E

Kendra’s dream became Malika’s dream in less than a decade. And now it’s a reality for both of them.Each earns a job as a sports journalist, and they both participate on “Race in America: A Candid Conversation,” which airs Thursday night after Warriors programming on NBC Sports Bay Area.

Malika, 26, is an NBA writer for ESPN, where she has worked since 2018. She was worked for the Chicago Tribune and The New York Times. She is a University of Portland graduate who conducts TV game reports, appears on their lineup of shows, and writes for their website.

Kendra was joined NBC Sports Bay Area as a Warriors reporter in January following a year with The Athletic. The Gonzaga University graduate writes on the website, co-hosts the Dubs Talk podcast, and will appear on the Warriors’ full panel of TV programming later this month.Kendra feels fortunate to be alive following Malika’s misguided childhood effort to silence her. Sisterhood may be impulsive. We’ get it in a minute.But first, two African-American girls’ hopes.


Mike, their father, was a personal trainer who encouraged his girls to participate in sports in order to develop healthy physical and mental habits.”We sort of tried everything growing up, at our father’s encouragement,” Malika explains. “But there was also the fandom aspect. My father was – and still is – a huge basketball lover.”

Mike is an Oakland Raiders fan. Caren, his wife, grew raised in San Francisco and is a 49ers supporter. Every sport was well-attended, but the whole family was rooting for the local NBA club.

Kendra was the first to look beyond athletics and see a profession. She was in her junior year of high school, watching sports programmes on TV with her father, when she had an epiphany.Malika was already making friends at college, many of whom were on the staff of The Beacon, the campus newspaper. Kendra was the one who planted the seed.

She not only joined the team, but quickly rose through the ranks, from staff writer to sports editor to editor-in-chief. She was on her way thanks to those family evenings watching sports on TV and the advice of her younger sister.

“I didn’t expect that to have a domino effect that would lead me to this career that I can’t fathom my life without,” Malika says. “But that’s how it happened for me. I fell in love with reporting. It’s like, “Man, this is fantastic.”

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Now, on to Kendra’s near-death experience. As a youngster, she snored, and Malika devised a cure.

“It wasn’t malevolent. My father came in on it one time and informed me very fast, loudly, and rapidly that that was not OK.”

The youngster survived. The sisters, best friends, are prospering and living evidence that with luck, effort, and work, real life can imitate dream.

A few things about the Andrews family should be known before you meet them: if you want to be friends with us, you must be comfortable discussing basketball with us on a regular basis. To be clear, the two of us are paid to conduct this work professionally. T

A common topic of discussion at almost every family gathering is basketball. Our connection with the sport is unique since none of us were involved in it. Michael’s father instilled this trait in me.

The Warriors’ Rick Barry grew up in Oakland, only a few streets away from Oracle Arena, and he used to go to their games. In the evenings when his mother had to work late, the Warriors provided entertainment.

In other words, when my sister Malika and I were youngsters, we spent our time together watching basketball, particularly Warriors basketball. Basketball with my father is a part of some of my earliest recollections.

As fans, we would pack into Oracle when the Golden State Warriors took on the Yao Ming-led Houston Rockets and the Kobe Bryant-led Los Angeles Lakers. We knew they would lose, but it didn’t matter because we were rooting for them.

We went to see Derek Fisher play for the Utah Jazz since he had been one of our favourite players during his time with the Warriors, and he brought me to see him play in Salt Lake City when Derek was a part of their team.

A few things about the Andrews family should be known before you meet us: if you want to be friends with us, you must be comfortable discussing basketball with us on a regular basis. I mean, it’s something we do for a living for two of us. T

For Malika and myself, he purchased our first jerseys: an Andris Biedrins jersey for me (why Andris Biedrins? Now that I think about it, I’m not sure what I was thinking) and Monta Ellis for Malika. For her birthday, he even surprised her with a cap autographed by Baron Davis.

When Ellis was traded to make room for a guy named Steph Curry, I remember how upset he was, and how excited he was when Andre Iguodala signed with the team

I remember my father reminding us over and over again that he wasn’t a “bandwagon supporter” during the Warriors’ championship run in 2015. He made certain we told everyone who gave us a hard time about it that we were born and raised as Warriors fans.

His favourite line was, “I’ve been watching this team lose for more than 40 years.”

As a result, he was more prepared for the last two seasons of Warriors basketball. He’s seen worse than this.

Through our chats and experiences concerning basketball, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to pursue a career in sports journalism. Back when NBC Sports Bay Area was still CSN Bay Area, we were watching Bob Fitzgerald and Jim Barnett when I turned to my husband and remarked, “You know, these guys are paid to do this — to speak about basketball.” That’s exactly what I’d want to accomplish.”

“All right, Kendie. “Just go for it.”


Personal Profile Kendra Andrews

  • Name: Kendra Andrews
  • Date of Birth: October 20, 1981
  • Age: 39 years
  • Birth Sign: Libra
  • Nationality: American
  • Parents: Steven Andrews/ Paula Andrews
  • Siblings: Erin Andrews
  • Birth Place/City: Lewiston, ME
  • Profession: Professional dancer

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Erin Andrews
Fox Sports 1
Fox Sports Live Studios
10201 W Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90064-2606

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Fox Sports 1
Fox Sports Live Studios
(TV Station)
10201 W Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90064-2606
Phone: (310) 369-600

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