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Nigel Ernest James Mansell was born August 8, 1953 in Baughton. He is an ex-HT2_ Formula One racing driver. After a long career in aerospace engineering and kart racing, Nigel won 1977 the British Formula Ford Championship. Rosanna, Nigel’s wife, sold their home to help finance their move to Formula 3. Lotus: 1980-1984 Colin Chapman was Nigel’s F3 manager. He gave him a pathway into F1 through his Lotus racing experience. In 1980 Nigel made a F1 debut driving for Lotus in the Austrian GP. The fuel leak caused Nigel’s backside to be badly burned. The pain quickly subsided as Colin Chapman offered him a contract to drive at Lotus for the 1981 seasons. 1982 saw the death of Chapman. Peter Warr assumed control at Lotus, but they never got along well. He finished in the top 10 of the Drivers’ Championship in 1984 for the first time in a career. Williams, 1985-1988 In 1985 Frank Williams signed Mansell.

Throughout his Williams career, Nigel drove the “Red 5” Car. 6th October 1985 saw Nigel win his first F1 Grand Prix at Brands Hatch. After 72 attempts, his maiden victory was achieved in an F1 car. After 72 attempts, Nigel won a second consecutive F1 GP in South Africa GP at Kyalami. He won five GPs in the 1986 season and lost the World Championship after his tyre failed with just 19 laps remaining on the final GP of the season. In his McLaren – TAG, Mansell was second in the Championship to Alain Prost. He won six more 1987 races, including an emotional win in the British GP at Silverstone. However, he was unable to finish the 1988 GPs that he participated in.In 1978-1980, Mansell raced in Formula Three. Mansell’s Formula Three debut season began with a pole position, and a second place finish. The car was not competitive because a deal with Unipart required that his team Chapman was impressed by Mansell’s skills as a test driver. He set the fastest lap around Silverstone in a Lotus car that year. In 1980, Chapman gave him three starts in F1. Chapman drove a Lotus 81B, a development version, of the Lotus 81. A fuel leak in his cockpit caused him to suffer painful second and first degree burns just before he made his Formula One debut at the 80 Austrian Grand Prix. He had to withdraw from the first race due to engine failure, but he was unable to qualify for the third event at Imola after an accident. Team leader Mario Andretti had his car stolen in a start line accident at the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal.


Mansell was forced to give up his car to allow Andretti to race in his home race at Watkins Glen, in the United States. Andretti stated that he would be moving to Alfa Romeo after the season, leaving Lotus without a race seat. Despite Mansell’s disapproval from Essex Petroleum sponsor David Thieme and speculation in the media that Jean Pierre Jarier would fill it, Chapman announced that Mansell would take the seat. Mansell’s four-year stint as a Lotus driver full-time was difficult. The cars were unpredictable and Mansell was constantly outperformed by Elio de Angelis. He finished 24 out of 59 races with the team. A best finish of third was achieved by him in just 24 of the 59 races he took part in with the team. This included Lotus’s fifth race of 1981 season and the seventh of Mansell’s Formula One career. Elio De Angelis won the surprise 1982 Austrian Grand Prix win. He was often faster than his less experienced colleague Mansell. 1982 Mansell’s Lotus 91 From 1982 on display Mansell had a plan to race in the 24 Hours of Le Mans sportscar event to make extra money during the 1982 year. Mansell was being paid PS50,000 per year at the time and offered PS10,000 to participate in Le Mans. Chapman felt that Mansell was taking unnecessary risks by entering the Le Mans race and paid him PS10,000 so he would not participate in the race. Chapman made Mansell a millionaire by extending his contract until the end of the 84 seasons. use Triumph Dolomite engine, which was far inferior to the Toyota ones used by the top teams. He left the team after three seventh-place finishes, and one-fourth in his final race. He drove for David Price Racing the next season.



finished eighth in the championship after his first win at Silverstone in March. Although his racing was steady, he crashed into Andrea de Cesaris. He was fortunate to survive the massive cartwheeling accident. He was again hospitalized, this time with a broken spine. Colin Chapman noticed Mansell’s driving and he took to him a tryout at Paul Ricard circuit with Lotus. Mansell was able to compete against a few other drivers in order to decide who would take the second seat for 1980 alongside Mario Andretti. This was because Carlos Reutemann was moving to Williams. The seat was eventually given to Elio De Angelis. Mansell was then selected to be a test driver with the Norfolk-based Formula One team. still the most successful British Formula One driver with 31 wins. He also ranks sixth on the Formula One race winner’s list, behind Alain Prost and Sebastian Vettel. Sebastian Vettel broke the record for most poles in a single season in 2011. Murray Walker, a long-time Formula One commentator, ranked him among the top 10 Formula One driver. Entertainment and Sports Programming Network placed him 24th among Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna as well as Jackie Stewart, Jim Clark, and Jim Clark. Later, he signed a race deal with the Scuderia Ecosse GT ray 2007, he signed a one-off race deal for the Scuderia Ecosse GT race team to drive their number 63 Ferrari F430 GT2 car at Silverstone. He is also the President of IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists).

Mansell was the last Ferrari driver to be selected by Enzo Ferrari prior to his death in August 1988. Mansell called it “one of my greatest achievements in my career.” Mansell was presented with a 1989 Ferrari F40 by Enzo Ferrari. He was known in Italy as “il Leone”, (“the lion”) because of his fearless driving style. The season saw the end of turbo engines, which were banned by the FIA, and the introduction by Ferrari of an electronic gearbox. Williams: 1991-1992 After two years of failure at Ferrari Mansell returned to Williams in 91, and was runner-up to Ayrton Senna for the Drivers Championship. Mansell won the 1992 first five races, and then went on to win the world championship with a record number of wins in a single season (9) and the most pole positions (14) respectively. Mansell split with Williams in 93, and moved to the USA to race for the Newman/Hass CART Team. He won the CART Championship. Williams, 1994: Return to Formula One In 1994 Mansell was reintroduced to F1. He replaced rookie David Coulthard after the traNigel returned to F1 for another attempt at the sport. He was unable to retain the Williams seat due to the loss to the young Scot David Coulthard. So he decided to join the McLaren Team, even though Ron Dennis never saw eye to eye with Mansell.

Dennis had only two choices: Michael Schumacher and Mansell. Mansell was left in the dust because Schumacher had been taken. The season didn’t start well for Mansell. He was unable to fit into the car and he didn’t start racing until Imola. This was where he was far behind his teammate Mika Hakkinen. Mansell was dissatisfied by the cars’ competitive handling and decided to retire after only two races. Born 8 August 1953, Nigel Ernest James Mansell (CBE), is a former British racing driver. He won the Formula One World Championship (1992), and the CART Indy Car World Series(93). Mansell was the reigning F1 Champion when he switched to CART. He became the first person in Formula One to win both the CART Indy Car World Series (1993) and the Formula One World Championship (1992). Mansell is Nigel Ernest James Mansell was a son of Eric Mansell, an engineer, who was born in Upton-upon-Severn in Worcestershire on August 8, 1953. He grew up at Hall Green in Birmingham. Mansell’s racing career was slow at first. He used his own money to get up the ranks. To the disapproval of his father, Mansell moved to the Formula Ford Series after a lot of success in kart racing. Mansell won six out of nine races that he participated in, including his debut at Mallory Park. The following year, Mansell entered 42 races and won 33.

He was the British Formula Ford champion despite a broken neck sustained in a qualifying session at Brands Hatch. He was told by doctors that he was at risk of quadriplegia and would need to be kept in a hospital for six months. Mansell was released from the hospital and resumed racing. He had quit his job as an aeronautical engineer three weeks prior to the accident. He had previously sold all of his personal items in order to fund his venture into Formula Ford. He was offered the opportunity to race a Lola T570 Formula 3 vehicle at Silverstone later that year. He was fourth in the race and decided he was ready for the higher formula.Mansell, a result from the gestures described above, became close to Chapman who made him number one in the team along with de Angelis. Mansell was then devastated by Chapman’s sudden death in 1982. Mansell wrote in his autobiography that Chapman’s death caused him to feel like “the bottom fell out of my world.” He took part of me with him. My family had lost a loved one. After Chapman’s passing, relations at Lotus were strained as the replacement team principal Peter Warr didn’t have high regard for him either as a driver nor as a person. In his book Team Lotus-My View From the Pit Wall Warr spoke about the 1982 season.A young actress, her slim, waifish figure shows that she is kind of 20-20-20. Talking about acting is not something I enjoy. It’s not something I like to analyze. I love Lindt. Dark chocolate is a wonderful indulgence. You can’t be a Catholic if you don’t have some guilt. It was difficult for children. Beverly Hills was a small town with only one business, and the film-making community was cliquish. Except when your parents were lawyers or gardeners, you didn’t meet anyone outside of that circle. You saw people as doing things you wanted to do. It was restrictive in the way role models were presented to children. When people started to realize how unique their circumstances were, it became obvious that they could not sustain such a lifestyle. I am blessed with the most amazing children. I have been extremely, very blessed. If you see me running, it is because I am being pursued. I don’t have a life.

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His 15-year career in Formula One was split into two seasons. The CART series saw his last two seasons of high-level racing. Mansell is the second-most successful British Formula One driver with 31 wins. He also ranks seventh on the Formula One race winner list, behind Alain Prost and Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso. Murray Walker ranked him among the top 10 Formula One driver. American sports TV network ESPN placed him 24th among their top drivers of all time in 2008. The Times Online ranked him #9 on their list of 50 greatest F1 drivers, which included Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna. Mansell competed in the GP Masters Series and signed a race deal with the Scuderia Ecosse GT racing team to drive their Ferrari F430 GT2 car at Silverstone, 6 May 2007. He is currently the International Motorsports Hall of Fame’s most recent inductee from another country, having been inducted in 2005. He is currently the President of UK Youth, one of the largest Youth Work Charities in the UK.gic death of Ayrton Senna at Imola. Mansell received approximately PS900,000. Per race, while Williams’ lead driver Damon Hill was receiving PS300,000. Although Mansell was slower than Damon Hill in race trim, signs that his speed was coming back were apparent in Japan in a thrilling battle with the Ferrari Jean Alesi. Mansell won the Australian Grand Prix. This was his last Grand Prix win. He had out qualified both Damon Hill and Michael Schumacher. Mansell was originally supposed to protect Hill from Schumacher. However, both drivers passed him at the start and collided, giving Schumacher his 1st World Title. Williams could choose Mansell’s 1995 services, which Mansell was certain they would accept. Williams chose youth over experience and hired Coulthard. er is from the United Kingdom. Mansell is the only person to hold both an F1 title and a CART title simultaneously. He also happens to be the only driver who has driven exclusively for Team Lotus, Williams Ferrari, McLaren, and Ferrari, four of the most successful Formula One teams.

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  • Name:Nigel Mansell
  • Date of Birth: 8 August 1953 
  • Age: 68 years
  • Birth Sign: Leo
  • Nationality: British
  • Parents:  Eric Mansell, Joyce Mansell
  • Siblings: NA
  • Birth Place/City: Upton upon Severn, United Kingdom
  • Profession: British former racing driver

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