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Shayne Robert Topp (born September 14, 1991) is an American actor and comedian who is best known for his role in the comedy series Smosh. He’s also renowned for his turns on Disney Channel’s So Random! as Shayne Zabo and ABC’s The Goldbergs as Matt Bradley. He’s been with Smosh since 2015, and he made his debut as the first referee in the Smosh Summer Games.

Shayne was born in Florida on September 14, 1991, to Catherine Topp (née Person) and fighter pilot Robert Royal Topp. Wayne Topp, his grandpa, was also a jet pilot. They relocated a lot as a military family. In the 55th episode of Smosh’s podcast, SmoshCast, Topp revealed that he was reared mostly in Arizona and Florida, Virginia, and California.

Topp drowned in a swimming pool in his backyard when he was 18 months old and was declared clinically dead. He claims that as his mother hurried to locate him, she heard someone utter his name. On the spot, he was resurrected. Topp took an acting lesson with his buddy (and fellow Smosh member) Noah Grossman, taught by Laura Marano’s mother.

Topp has also been on stage in Wonderworks Theatre Company’s “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” and Highland Lakes Theatre’s “Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” (as the title role).
He’s also made appearances in ads. For his portrayal in Dear Lemon Lima, he won the Jury Prize at the 2009 Los Angeles Film Festival.

In 2012, he co-starred in the Disney Channel comedy So Random! with Damien Haas, who is currently a member of Smosh. He was also nominated for a Young Hollywood Award for “Exciting New Face (Male)” in 2014. After initially planning to leave due to a lack of employment in 2015, he was persuaded by fellow Smosh member Noah Grossman to audition for the cast of Smosh, which he has been a member of since 2015.

Smosh’s original business, Defy Media, went bankrupt in late 2018, but Topp and the rest of the cast continued to create videos, and Mythical Entertainment bought Smosh in early 2019. Topp has been a recurrent role on ABC’s The Goldbergs since 2017, playing Matt Bradley, the best buddy of the main character Barry Goldberg (Troy Gentile).

Topp earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Arizona State University’s online campus in 2019, a degree he’d been working on since 2009. The Smosh team performed a surprise dedication and fake graduation ceremony in December 2019, published to Smosh Pit.

Aside from Smosh, he has appeared in some Nickelodeon episodes in one-off appearances. He just landed a recurring role as Matt Bradley on the TV program The Goldbergs.

Shayne has German ancestors on his father’s side. Shayne was nominated for the “Exciting New Face – Male” category at the 2014 Young Hollywood Awards for his portrayal in Dear Lemon Lima, which earned the Jury Prize at the 2009 Los Angeles Film Festival for “Outstanding Performance in the Narrative Competition.”


drowned in his family’s pool when he was 18 months old, but his mother saved him. Shayne’s father nicknamed him “Shayne Bobber” because he bobbed up and down in the pool water.  He refers to this when he floats face down in the water for many seconds following his flip in the Smosh Summer Games belly-flop competition.

With his mother and elder half-brothers, Shayne spent four years of his youth in Woodbridge, Virginia. On the TV sitcom The Goldbergs, Shayne has a recurrent role. Matt Bradley, the character he portrays, is based on a real-life person that the show’s author knows.  An NBC news anchor bears the same name as the character.

Shayne had a romance that ended around the Smosh Summer Games – Wild West shooting. It finished roughly five hours before Shayne had to film a Smosh Sketch that was never shown until “WE REACT TO AN UNAIRED SMOSH SKETCH.” The sketch needed Shayne to be high-energy at times, but he was slumped against a wall in between takes due to the split.

Everyone saw anything was wrong as a consequence, but he pretended it was just “leg day soreness” until long later. When Shayne and his brother went camping, it was one of the scariest times of his life. It was not stated when this occurred, but it occurred while he was in his twenties.

They went camping and opted to pitch a tent apart from the other campers while staying at a campground. A ranger arrived at their tent to inform them about a 500-pound bear observed near another campsite. The ranger instructed them to hang their food, but they lacked rope. His brother placed the food container on the passenger side of Shayne’s pickup.

Shayne said that he was afraid when he went to bed. He was startled awake multiple times by even the tiniest noise. He awoke about 4 a.m. to the sound of somebody strolling outside the tent. When he glanced up, he saw a bear standing outside their tent. He saw that his brother was also fully awake when he turned around. The bear had smelt the meal from kilometers away and was on the lookout for it.

Their water container had been thrown someplace by the bear. It then moved to the food truck and attempted to open the vehicle door. Shayne’s brother decided to frighten it away. He drew the bear mace and hatchet from his bag. The bear had fled just as he was going to open the tent. The vehicle mirror was damaged, and there were additional damages as well.

Like many other Smosh members, Shayne is a Game of Thrones enthusiast. Once Upon a Time on ABC is one of Shayne’s favorite television series. “I truly appreciate the show’s plot; it makes me feel like I’m in a scenario that is essential to me,” he remarked. Shayne is a cheese hater. Ranch dressing soda, according to Shayne, is the worst drink he’s ever had.

The BBQ Pringle is Shayne’s favorite flavor of Pringles. Shayne is a fan of the Harry Potter series. He says “Harry Poter” instead of “Harry Potter.” Shayne enjoys roasts in which humans are compared to inanimate things. He’s largely being chastised for his muscular physique; Noah described him as “if an acoustic guitar were a person.”

Courtney refers to Shayne’s arms as “frog arms.” , and he was once mocked by a fan who said he looked like a GNC staffer (a chain specializing in workout supplements).  The number 36 is Shayne’s favorite.  Shayne is a voracious reader who his co-stars often mock for his passion for reading.

When Damien is asked what Shayne would buy if he won the lottery, he says, “I’ve seen [Shayne] through a lot of stages of life, I’ve seen [him] through the feast, I’ve seen [him] in famine, and no matter what, [he] acts very intelligently with his money, and [he] doesn’t spend very much…and even if [he’s] just gotten a huge payday…and [he says] ‘

Shayne’s sense of smell isn’t very good. Shayne’s legendary scream did not begin until he met Matthew Scott from So Random. They discussed how Matthew screamed a lot, and Shayne caught up on it. As said in a Smosh Cast, “We’re heading to Australia.”

Smosh Shayne was set to walk away after failing to secure acting roles in Los Angeles, but Noah, whom he knew from Ellen Marano’s acting class, persuaded him to remain and perform the Smosh audition.

Shayne and Courtney Miller both auditioned for Smosh on the same day. The two of them make a joke about the audition in OUR FIRST IMPRESSIONS OF EACH OTHER (Story Time), notably that Shayne assured Courtney he’d “see her at work,” despite his doubts about booking the job.

During the Food Battle X vote, Shayne voiced the Zucchini. “Daddy needs his juice,” “Munge,” and “You’re my favorite pizza restaurant” are among Shayne’s most renowned Smosh statements.
During the WATER BALLOON ROULETTE CHALLENGE, a slightly hysterical Shayne wrote, “Daddy wants his juice” (often written “just”). He has remarked that he is unsure why he began saying it but that it seemed appropriate at the time.

In the two episodes of the Wild West-themed Maricraft series SHAYNE’S EROTIC NOVEL and WHAT IS A MUNGE?!, the notion of the ‘Munge’ was established. After discovering shaft notebook’ in an area of the mine they were investigating, Shayne started writing ‘erotic fiction’ in it. Mari, Joven, and Damien, his fellow teammates, were asked if they had any words of inspiration for him. Mark Raub proposed the word’munge,’ and Shayne went with it from behind the camera.

The word’s true meaning is a computer phrase for “A sequence of potentially harmful or irreversible modifications to a piece of data, or a file is referred to as a series of changes. Sometimes used for hazy data transformation stages that the speaker doesn’t understand yet.”

“You’re my favorite pizza shop,” Shayne repeatedly says while attempting to make Noah laugh on TRY NOT TO LAUGH CHALLENGE 5 w/ GUS JOHNSON. The joke has taken on a life of its own, with Shayne repeating it every two or three TNTLs. Courtney has also been in the scene, but this time as the caller.

Since then, the allusion has been transformed into a shirt, which can be purchased at smosh. Store.
Outside of Smosh, Shayne and Damien Haas have collaborated on various projects. They met on Disney Channel’s So Random!, where they both had recurrent roles. During this time, the two were roommates, and when Shayne auditioned for Smosh, he pledged to get Damien on board. Damien was introduced to the cast in mid-2017, allowing him to fully fulfill his promise.

Shayne and Damien intended to record a podcast together in the time between the Defy shutdown and the pick-up from Mythical Entertainment. They taped two episodes before learning that Smosh would be returning, accompanying a podcast. They opted not to continue with the podcast, although the two episodes were still available. Shayne has kissed Anthony, Noah, and Courtney on-screen.

Shayne declared himself “King of Smosh” after taking over the Smosh and Smosh Games Instagram accounts. It lasted a whole day. Damien did the same after acquiring access to the Smosh Games account and then mistakenly gaining access to the Smosh Main account. In numerous Smosh videos, Shayne portrayed a persona entitled “Courtney Freaking Miller” to mock Courtney.

His rendition is a ludicrously exaggerated recreation (something Courtney herself has replied to with her character, Shayne Freaking Topp). Courtney Freaking Miller is completely disorganized, having not only ‘gone to jail,’ but also ‘eating kittens’ and ‘peeing everywhere.’

Courtney Freaking Miller was motivated by how he would shout in his vehicle at traffic, according to Shayne (mentioned in both a Super Smash Bros. Stream he made on Damien’s Twitch and the 6th Smoshcast). He’d yell gibberish, which would then escalate into furious weird outbursts. Not only would it inspire him and Sarah to rage at one other, but it would also serve as the idea for the legendary figure.

Personal Profile Shayne Topp

  • Name: Shayne Topp
  • Date of Birth: 14 September 1991
  • Age: 30 years
  • Birth Sign: Virgo
  • Nationality: American
  • Parents: Robert Royal Topp, Catherine Topp
  • Siblings: Brian Topp, Chris Topp
  • Birth Place/City:  Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Profession:  American Actor and Comedian

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Number: (310) 859-0625

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Shayne Topp
A3 Artists Agency
750 North San Vicente Blvd.
East Tower
11th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90069

Shayne Topp address information:

Shayne Topp

A3 Artists Agency
(Talent and Literary Agency)
750 North San Vicente Blvd.
East Tower
11th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90069

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  • Booking Email Id: NA
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